Love God Love People

One Heart’s ministries transcend all barriers, all divisions, and all distinctions that separate, divide, or segregate people from each other and from God.


by relentlessly reaching out to others, one heart at a time.


One Heart's programs are centered on helping to reach all men, women and children and unify them through the glory of Jesus and the building up of the church.

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If you have a heart for service we invite you to join us as we relentlessly reach out to others with the heart of the Father.

Mission and Vision

 One Heart Ministries reflects God’s heart for the world by relentlessly reaching out to others, One Heart at a time. We exist to serve people’s spiritual needs as it serves their physical needs. 


One Heart offers a variety of opportunities for partnerships in the area of monetary gifts.  We want you to follow the heart of the Father as you give. 

Ministries of OneHeart

The Ministry serves independently of other organizations; however, it also seeks to work in conjunction with other charitable organizations, churches, schools, community organizations, clubs and groups to serve the needs of people.

Food Ministry

National Surplus sources, Free bibles, and hope through prayer.



ONe Heart's ministries that serve the communities we live in and love.

specialneedshomepage ministries

ANNUAL Ministries

Seasonal Ministries like Special needs prom and Christmas Hope, that serve our communities.

school devo homepage ministries


ONe Heart ministries that serve the youth, adults and families we live in and love.



Serving communities in other communities and countries.


CHURCH Revitalization

Serving churches to see them grow and thrive in ministry to their own communities.

Sheldon is married to Latonya Landy (our Hospitality team leader). Sheldon and Latonya have 3 children. They started One Heart Ministries with a heart for reaching the community with the love of Christ. Today this is being lived out daily. You will not find Sheldon or Latonya behind a desk. They stay on the front lines of ministry leading the way and serving. Sheldon is very approachable and puts the needs of others before his own.

One Heart Ministries

Director Of

Pastor Sheldon Landy

Anyone Can Volunteer, Why not you!

Serving more than 600 families a week with One Heart Ministries will help you to have perspective on the needs of your community.  The relationships you will build will last a lifetime.


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